Month: September 2020

“Julie and the Phantoms” Cast Spills Secrets from Set [VIDEO]

Behind the Scenes of “Julie and the Phantoms” [VIDEO]

Get in the rehearsal studio with Julie and the Phantoms! Join Julie, Alex, Reggie, and Luke behind the scenes as they jam on “Bright” from Episode 2. You will not get closer to the rehearsal process than this! Please hit that LIKE BUTTON!!!! and Subscribe:)))))


J-14: “Julie and the Phantoms” Cast Reads Texts From Mom [VIDEO]

“Julie and the Phantoms” Cast Plays Who’s Who with Buzzfeed Celeb [VIDEO]

“Edge of Great” Acoustic Music Video! [VIDEO]

New Domain + New Look!

I just wanted to let everyone know we have a new domain after some issues with our last host and to celebrate the premiere of Julie and the Phantoms we also have a completely new look! I hope everyone loves it and please update your bookmarks for the new url. If you have any issues please email me and let me know!

Also, “Julie and the Phantoms” is OUT NOW on Netflix! Make sure you go stream it now and watch all the episodes (and then watch them again!) – the more streams the more chance we get a season 2!

“Julie and the Phantoms” Official Trailer!

I’m so excited! The trailer for Charlie’s new show “Julie and the Phantoms” is finally out!

The show premieres on Netflix on September 10!